Elliot Jacobs

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Name: Elliot Jacobs Appearances: Protect Me Lord Role: Key Character, Human

Character Overview[edit]

Elliot Jacobs, who is known for his cautious and sometimes apprehensive demeanour, is crucial in Protect Me Lord. As a friend of Nathan and part of their close-knit group, Elliot's experiences and reactions significantly contribute to the story's dynamics.


Elliot is a teenager living in the village of Eldenhaven, attending the same school as Nathan Dewhurst, Michael Andrews, and Peter Greenwood. He is often portrayed as the more reserved group member, exhibiting a level of caution in contrast to the others' adventurous tendencies.

Personality Traits[edit]

Elliot is characterized by anxiety and caution. He often expresses concern and hesitation when facing the unknown. His personality serves as a counterbalance to the more daring traits of his friends, particularly Michael. Despite his fears, Elliot shows a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie.

Role in the Story[edit]

Elliot's role in Protect Me Lord revolves around his interactions and reactions to the unfolding mystery of The Elders. He often serves as the voice of reason, cautioning against reckless actions, and his apprehensions mirror the reader's own uncertainties about the story's events.

Relationships with Other Characters[edit]

Elliot maintains close friendships with Nathan, Michael, and Peter, often participating in their group activities. His interactions with the other characters highlight his supportive nature and his struggle to balance his fears with the need to stand by his friends.

Encounters with The Elders[edit]

Elliot's encounters with The Elders are marked by apprehension and fear. As the group delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the cult, Elliot's anxieties become more pronounced, reflecting the increasing danger they face.

Character Development[edit]

Elliot undergoes significant character development throughout Protect Me Lord. He evolves from a cautious and somewhat timid teenager to someone who confronts his fears head-on. His experiences with The Elders and the dangers they encounter force Elliot to tap into reserves of courage he didn't know he had.


At the conclusion of Protect Me Lord, Elliot emerges as a more rounded and courageous character. His journey through the story sees him confront and overcome personal fears, and his character development is a testament to his resilience and the strength of his friendships.

Elliot's presence in Protect Me Lord adds depth to the narrative. He provides a relatable perspective on the fears and uncertainties that come with facing the unknown. His evolution throughout the story is both compelling and inspiring, making him an integral part of the story's fabric.