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The Forgive Me Lord series is a captivating blend of supernatural horror, mystery, and psychological thriller set in a small, picturesque village. The narrative weaves an intricate tapestry of fear, faith, and the fight against unseen forces, making it a gripping read for fans of the genre.


The series begins with the first book, Forgive Me Lord, introducing readers to Oliver Morgan, a dedicated young man running his family's shop, Morgan's Fresh Essentials, while caring for his ailing mother. The village's tranquillity is shattered with the arrival of Theodore, a mysterious figure whose presence ushers in a series of supernatural occurrences.

Books in the Series[edit]

Forgive Me Lord[edit]

The first book in the series was released as a short story.

Protect Me Lord[edit]

The second book in the series was released as a novella.

Thank Me Lord[edit]

The final book in the series hasn't been released yet.


The story is set in a charming village that embodies the quintessential peace of rural life. Morgan's Fresh Essentials is central to the narrative, a shop that has been in Oliver's family for generations. This familiar and cosy setting starkly contrasts the unfolding supernatural events, creating a tense atmosphere that juxtaposes the ordinary with the extraordinary.


Oliver Morgan's life, defined by routine and responsibility, is disrupted by Theodore's arrival. Initially perceived as harmless, Theodore soon reveals sinister supernatural abilities threatening the village's safety. As unsettling events escalate, Oliver grapples with his scepticism and the need to protect his mother and the village. The narrative builds towards a climactic confrontation, pitting Oliver's newfound belief in the supernatural against Theodore's malevolent powers.


The first book concludes with a dramatic resolution of the supernatural conflict profoundly affecting Oliver. He emerges from the experience fundamentally changed, having transitioned from a sceptical shopkeeper to someone who acknowledges the existence of forces beyond human understanding. This transformation marks a significant shift in his character, highlighting the themes of faith, the unseen, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of otherworldly adversity.

The series continues with Protect Me Lord, which expands the universe introduced in the first book, delving deeper into the supernatural elements and exploring new dimensions of fear and the unknown. The sequel further develops the established characters while introducing new ones, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to the narrative.

Overall, the Forgive Me Lord series offers a compelling exploration of supernatural horror set against the backdrop of a seemingly ordinary village, making it a must-read for fans of the genre seeking a blend of thrills, chills, and psychological depth.