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Name: Henry Plant Appearances: Protect Me Lord Role: Key Character, Human

Character Overview[edit]

Henry Plant is a pivotal character in Protect Me Lord, portrayed as a history teacher at the local school in Eldenhaven. He plays a dual role in the narrative, being a figure of authority and education in the community while also being intricately connected with the mysterious group known as The Elders.


Mr. Plant is an older gentleman with years of experience in teaching. He is known for his in-depth knowledge of history and commitment to imparting this knowledge to his students. Despite his age, he displays a keen understanding of the local lore and the hidden undercurrents in Eldenhaven.

Personality Traits[edit]

His calm demeanour and intellectual approach characterize Mr Plant. He is often seen as a rational and composed individual, which earns him respect in the educational community. However, his involvement with The Elders reveals his personality's more complex and secretive side.

Role in the Story[edit]

In Protect Me Lord, Mr. Plant bridges the ordinary world of Eldenhaven and the secretive activities of The Elders. He provides critical information about the cult and its practices to the protagonist, Nathan. His dual role adds a layer of intrigue and complexity to the plot, as he navigates between his public persona and his secret affiliations.

Relationships with Other Characters[edit]

Mr. Plant has a professional relationship with his students, including Nathan and his friends. However, his connection with The Elders introduces a level of ambiguity to these relationships, as he is torn between his duty as a teacher and his allegiance to the cult.

Encounters with The Elders[edit]

Mr. Plant's interactions with The Elders are shrouded in secrecy. He is seen participating in their rituals and is privy to their plans and motivations. His involvement is pivotal in the unfolding of the cult's activities throughout the story.

Character Development[edit]

Throughout the story, Mr. Plant undergoes significant character development. Initially presented as a straightforward educator, his involvement with The Elders reveals the depths and complexities of his character. This development challenges the reader's perception of him and adds to the narrative's suspense.


Mr. Plant's character concludes with an aura of mystery and unresolved questions. His loyalty and true intentions remain ambiguous, leaving the reader to ponder his ultimate role in the events of Eldenhaven. His character symbolizes the theme of hidden truths beneath the surface of ordinary life.