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Name: Michael Andrews Appearances: Protect Me Lord Role: Key Character, Human

Character Overview[edit]

Michael Andrews is a pivotal character in Protect Me, Lord, known for his intrigue in life's mysterious and dark aspects. As a close friend of Nathan, he plays a significant role in the unfolding events involving The Elders and their sinister activities.


Michael Andrews is a teenager residing in the small village of Eldenhaven. He attends the same school as Nathan and is part of his close-knit group of friends. Michael's background is marked by a curious and somewhat rebellious nature, drawing him towards the unknown and unexplained.

Personality Traits[edit]

Michael is characterized by his adventurous spirit and a fascination with the macabre. He often shows a bold and daring demeanour, unafraid to delve into situations that others might find disturbing or frightening. This trait leads him to take an active interest in the cult of The Elders.

Role in the Story[edit]

Michael's role in Protect Me Lord is integral to the discovery and investigation of The Elders. His initial enthusiasm about the cult's existence shifts to a more serious concern as he becomes directly involved and eventually captured for a ritual.

Relationships with Other Characters[edit]

Michael shares a strong bond with Nathan, Elliot, and Peter. His friendship with Nathan is particularly noteworthy, as they share many experiences throughout the story. Michael's interactions with The Elders, especially during his capture and the subsequent ritual, are crucial to the story's development.

Encounters with The Elders[edit]

Michael's encounter with The Elders is one of the most dramatic aspects of the story. He is captured and becomes a central figure in a ritual conducted by the cult. This experience is both harrowing and eye-opening for him.

Character Development[edit]

Throughout the story, Michael undergoes significant character development. From being a thrill-seeking teenager, he evolves into a more mature and cautious individual, especially after his direct experiences with the dark and dangerous activities of The Elders.


In Protect Me Lord, Michael's character concludes with a deeper understanding of the dangers that lurk within his seemingly ordinary village. His experiences with The Elders leave a lasting impact on him, shaping his perspective on life and the supernatural.

Michael's journey in Protect Me Lord is a testament to his bravery and resilience in the face of unknown and malevolent forces. His character adds depth and intrigue to the story, making him a memorable figure in the narrative.