Nathan Dewhurst

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Name: Nathan Dewhurst Appearances: Protect Me Lord Role: Protagonist, Human

Character Overview[edit]

Nathan, the central character in Protect Me, Lord, is a young man whose life takes a dramatic turn when he becomes embroiled in the mysterious events surrounding the village of Eldenhaven. He is depicted as a curious and brave individual, albeit sometimes recklessly so, which leads him to confront the dark secrets hidden within his village.


Nathan lives in the small, seemingly idyllic village of Eldenhaven. His life is deeply rooted in the village, and he shares a strong bond with his friends, who play a significant role in the story. Nathan's journey begins with his fascination with the mysterious symbol related to the Elderwood tree and the local legends.

Personality Traits[edit]

His curiosity and determination characterize Nathan. He exhibits a strong desire to uncover the truth, even when it puts him in danger. This trait drives much of the story's narrative, as his investigations lead him deeper into the village's hidden mysteries. Nathan's courage is notable, especially when faced with the daunting and often supernatural elements of the story.

Role in the Story[edit]

Nathan's role as the protagonist sees him at the centre of the story's action. He becomes a key figure in unravelling the mystery of The Elders, a secretive cult, and their plans involving the demon Ornias. His journey is one of discovery, fear, and resilience as he navigates the dangerous and unknown aspects of the village's history.

Relationships with Other Characters[edit]

Nathan's relationships with his friends, particularly Michael, Elliot, and Peter, are central to the story. These relationships provide both support and conflict as they face the challenges of The Elders and the supernatural elements within Eldenhaven. Nathan's interactions with other village residents, including the enigmatic Mr. Plant, add depth to his character and the narrative.

Encounters with The Elders[edit]

Nathan's encounters with The Elders are pivotal to the story. His curiosity leads him to investigate this cult, which ultimately results in his entanglement in their rituals and plans. These encounters test Nathan's courage, wits, and loyalty to his friends.

Character Development[edit]

Throughout Protect Me, Lord, Nathan undergoes significant development. He evolves from a curious village youth into a more mature and aware individual, having faced and survived the dark forces at play in Eldenhaven. His experiences during the story's events leave a lasting impact on his character, shaping his future actions and outlook.


Nathan is a complex character whose journey is central to the narrative of Protect Me, Lord. His character embodies the themes of curiosity, bravery, and the confrontation with the unknown. Through Nathan's eyes, the reader experiences the mystery, suspense, and supernatural elements that define the story, making him a memorable and engaging protagonist.