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Name: Ornias, Theodore Appearances: Forgive Me Lord, Protect Me Lord Role: Antagonistic, Supernatural Entity

Background and Mythology[edit]

Ornias is depicted as a demonic entity in the stories Forgive Me Lord and Protect Me Lord. Rooted in ancient lore, his character is shrouded in mystery and darkness. The legend of Ornias is deeply intertwined with the village of Eldenhaven and its surrounding areas, particularly with the Elderwood tree, which plays a significant role in the local folklore.

Characteristics and Powers[edit]

Ornias is portrayed as a powerful and malevolent demon. His presence is often associated with ominous and foreboding atmospheres. The story hints at his ability to influence events and people, exerting a sinister force over the village and its inhabitants. Ornias's powers are not explicitly detailed but are implied to be substantial and otherworldly.

Connection to The Elders[edit]

The Elders, a secretive cult within the village, reveres and worships Ornias. They believe in his power and the need to return him to the physical world. The cult conducts various rituals and sacrifices in his name, hoping to unleash his powers and bring about his return. The Elders's devotion to Ornias underscores his importance in the story's narrative and mystical elements.

Rituals and Summoning[edit]

Throughout Protect Me, Lord, several rituals are conducted by The Elders to summon Ornias. These rituals are elaborate and involve blood sacrifices, chanting, and using the Elderwood tree's sap. The complexity and ritualistic nature of these practices suggest a deep-rooted belief system centred around Ornias's mythology.

Impact on the Story[edit]

The character of Ornias significantly influences the plot of Forgive Me Lord, and Protect Me Lord. His impending summoning creates a sense of urgency and drives the actions of The Elders. The threat posed by his potential return serves as a catalyst for the events that unfold in the story, impacting the protagonist and other characters profoundly.


Ornias symbolize the darker, hidden aspects of the village and its history. His character represents the unknown and the fears that lie beneath the surface of the seemingly peaceful village life. The mystery surrounding Ornias adds a layer of intrigue and suspense to the narrative.


In Protect Me, Lord, Ornias is a central figure who embodies the supernatural and mystical elements of the story. His character serves as a focal point for the plot's conflict and tension, driving the narrative forward and adding depth to the story's thematic exploration of fear, the unknown, and the power of ancient beliefs.