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Protect Me Lord is a gripping supernatural thriller that follows the story introduced in Forgive Me Lord, delving deeper into the mysterious and haunting events that unfold in the small, seemingly tranquil village of Eldenhaven. The narrative weaves a tale of dark rituals, ancient secrets, and a fight against malevolent forces that threaten to engulf the village and its inhabitants.


The story is set in Eldenhaven, a picturesque English hamlet characterized by its cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and a strong sense of community. However, beneath its serene exterior lies a world of hidden secrets and supernatural occurrences centered around the mystical Elderwood tree and the enigmatic group known as The Elders.


The narrative revolves around Nathan, a young resident of Eldenhaven, who becomes inadvertently entangled in a series of eerie and unexplained events linked to the village's past. The story unfolds with Nathan discovering a mysterious symbol related to The Elders, a secretive cult tied to the village's history and the Elderwood tree. As Nathan delves deeper into the mystery, he uncovers chilling revelations about The Elders, their rituals, and their connection to a demon known as Ornias.


The story features a diverse cast of characters, including Nathan, who serves as the protagonist. Other key figures include Mr. Plant, a history teacher with a hidden agenda; Reece, a young member of The Elders; and Michael Andrews, Elliot Jacobs, and Peter Greenwood, Nathan's friends who find themselves caught in the web of dark events. Oliver Morgan, a character from Forgive Me Lord, also plays a significant role, adding depth and continuity to the narrative.

Nathan Dewhurst[edit]

The protagonist is a teenager who stumbles upon a mysterious symbol, leading him to uncover the secrets of the cult known as The Elders.

Michael Andrews[edit]

Nathan's friend is characterized by his interest in dark and mysterious subjects. He is captured and used in a ritual by The Elders.

Elliot Jacobs[edit]

One of Nathan's friends is part of the group that discovers the cult's activities.

Peter Greenwood[edit]

Another of Nathan's friends is involved in the discovery of The Elders cult activities.

Mr Plant[edit]

Nathan's history teacher was revealed to be a member of The Elders. He plays a dual role, appearing as both a cultist and someone trying to help Nathan.


A teenager and a member of The Elders, who initially leads Nathan and his friends to the cult.

Elder Thomas[edit]

A leading figure in The Elders cult, orchestrating the rituals and activities.

Amelia Harper[edit]

A resident of Eldenhaven, known to Nathan as his mother's hairdresser, and revealed to be a member of The Elders.

Henry Walsh[edit]

Father of one of Nathan's schoolmates and a member of The Elders.

William Foster[edit]

Former football coach and a member of The Elders.

Benjamin Knight[edit]

The owner of the corner shop near the Methodist Church and a member of The Elders.

Oliver Morgan[edit]

An essential character from the preceding story, Forgive Me Lord, owns a village shop and deals with supernatural elements.

Ornias / Theodore[edit]

A mysterious figure from Forgive Me Lord is mentioned in the context of Oliver's story.

Various unnamed cultists/The Elders[edit]

The cult members are involved in the rituals and activities surrounding the summoning of a demon.

Nathan's mother[edit]

Mentioned in passing, she has a connection to Amelia Harper as her hairdresser.

Peter's grandfather[edit]

Mentioned briefly in relation to Peter's family background.


Protect Me Lord explores themes of supernatural horror, the battle between good and evil, and the struggle to uncover the truth in a world shrouded in mystery. The story delves into the complexities of belief, the power of ancient rituals, and the impact of hidden secrets on a small community.

Style and Structure[edit]

The book is written in a captivating style that blends suspense, horror, and mystery. The narrative structure keeps the reader engaged with its fast-paced plot, unexpected twists, and vivid descriptions that bring the eerie world of Eldenhaven to life.


Protect Me Lord is a compelling addition to the supernatural thriller genre, offering a unique blend of suspense, folklore, and psychological intrigue. The story leaves a lasting impression with its haunting atmosphere, well-crafted characters, and a plot that skillfully intertwines the ordinary with the supernatural. As the sequel to Forgive Me Lord, it expands the universe of Eldenhaven, offering readers a deeper look into the chilling mysteries that lie at its heart.