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The Revelry is an annual tradition deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of Eldenhaven, a festival that is as much a part of the village's identity as its cobblestone streets and the venerable Elderwood tree. Rooted in ancient customs, the Revelry is a time of communal gathering, celebration, and homage to traditions passed down through generations.

At the heart of the Revelry is the Elderwood tree, standing tall and majestic in the village's green reserve. This elderly tree, a symbol of endurance and timelessness, becomes the festival's focal point. During the Revelry, the Elderwood is transformed into a radiant beacon, adorned with thousands of tiny white lights that cover its trunk and branches, creating a spectacle of light that captivates the entire village.

The Revelry is characterized by a lively and joyous atmosphere, where villagers and visitors alike come together to celebrate. The air is filled with the sound of laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses as people indulge in festive foods and drinks. It's a time when the community bonds over shared experiences, stories, and the joy of being together.

A vital feature of the Revelry is lighting lanterns or candles placed on and around the Elderwood tree. This ritual is believed to ward off evil spirits that once plagued the village with curses, a tradition steeped in folklore and superstition. Over the years, this practice has evolved into a more symbolic gesture, reflecting the villagers' respect for their history and their desire to uphold the customs of their ancestors.

The festival extends beyond just the lighting of the Elderwood tree. The entire village participates in various activities, including singing traditional songs, dancing, and enjoying communal feasts. Stalls and booths are set up, offering everything from local crafts to delectable treats, adding to the festive mood.

While the Revelry is a local village-level celebration, its tradition has spread over the years to nearby villages and towns, each participating uniquely. Schools like St. Mary's Secondary School, where many of Eldenhaven's children study, actively participate in the festivities by decorating and donating lanterns, further fostering community and continuity. (See ...Illumination)

Despite its joyous and celebratory nature, the Revelry also holds a layer of mystery, particularly given the village's association with the cult known as The Elders. This undercurrent of secrecy adds a dimension of intrigue to the festival, making it not just a celebration but a time when the past and present, tradition and mystery, converge in a fascinating tapestry of community life.

In essence, the Revelry is not just a festival but a living, breathing expression of Eldenhaven's spirit—a testament to the village's rich history, its enduring traditions, and the unbreakable bond of its community.